She Picked Up A Second Job To Afford To Go On A Miserable Yet Expensive Vacation With Her Boyfriend’s Family And Now He’s Saying He Doesn’t Get Why She Might Break Up With Him

His girlfriend always eats 3 meals a day, but she literally could not afford to eat more than twice a day on this vacation.

His parents thought she was bizarre for only eating twice a day, though it sounds like he never told them about the real reason why she was doing this.

Only after they returned home from the family vacation did he decide to ask his girlfriend why she wasn’t going on all of the family outings and eating so little.

“I mentioned how I heard her stomach growling one night and said I was concerned about her having an eating disorder,” he continued.

“She got teary-eyed and said that 3 meals a day wasn’t fiscally feasible for her and neither were the outings that she chose not to go on (she went on 3 of 6 outings).”

“She said she was not expecting everything to cost so much and she was overwhelmed.”

She brought it up to him that she thinks their relationship isn’t going to work if he expects her to continue going on expensive vacations with his wealthy family since they all make far more than she does and she can’t afford to do the things they want to do.

He admits he feels bad that he didn’t pick up on any of this sooner, but I’m sorry, I’m not buying that.

She already told him on the trip she could not afford to eat more than twice a day and she had to have been sad and upset the whole time! Who could hide that?

He then pointed out they had already agreed to split things right down the middle and he doesn’t get why she would come on the family vacation “if the cost was an issue.”

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