She Screamed At And Shamed Her Mother-In-Law At A Family Party But Now She’s Asking The Internet If There Was A Better Way To Handle Things

She usually avoids any family events with her husband’s side because of her mother-in-law always going to them, but this time she wanted to see the family members she hasn’t seen in a while.

As she was at the party having a conversation with her husband’s aunt, his aunt apologized to her for not being able to be a mom.

His aunt then asked how he felt about not being able to have children.

She was shocked to hear all of this and inquired what the aunt meant by all this. Her husband’s aunt informed her that her mother-in-law put the whole family on a group chat and said she wasn’t fertile.

She then went straight to her mother-in-law and confronted her. Her mother-in-law told her that she thought if she told people about the vasectomy, everyone would consider him “less of a man.”

“I started to scream at her,” she continued. “Everybody in the room kinda started telling me that I shouldn’t be ashamed because I am infertile (they thought I was shifting the blame on my husband when I’m infertile) and I revealed the truth because I was not infertile.”

“I told everyone about how my mother-in-law was spreading lies because she didn’t want her son to be “less of a man”.”

“I told everyone about her introducing my husband to different women because she wanted to replace me and is openly racist towards me.”

“My brother-in-law calmed me down because I was bawling my eyes out and called my husband, asking him to come home.”

When her husband got there, her mother-in-law sobbed that she was “running her reputation.” Her mother-in-law then got manipulative and told her husband she was trying to pit them against each other.

Her husband sided with her and explained to his mom that they would no longer be in contact with her after this incident.

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