She Suffered A Skull Fracture In A Freak Accident And Instead Of Being Able To Walk At Graduation She’s In The ICU

Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Ashley Tabor was all set to walk across the stage for her high school graduation at Fair Lawn High School on June 22nd.

Unfortunately, a freak accident landed her in the ICU, leaving her unable to celebrate her graduation with all of her classmates, friends, and loved ones.

Facebook; pictured above is Ashley in her cheerleading uniform

Last weekend, Ashley and her friends were walking around the village of Ridgewood in New Jersey.

They happened to be on a street that does not have a sidewalk at all, but a section of grass that then meets a wall with a four-foot drop to the concrete below.

Being on the grass, Ashley had no idea that there was a significant drop down after the grass ended.

“The kids were walking on the grass portion, and Ashley decided to tumble on the grass, something she has done a million times so I’m sure in her mind, she’s thinking, I’m on grass not cement so I’ll be fine,” a GoFundMe page created for Ashley explained.

“Not realizing there was a 4-foot drop between the grass they were on and the actual street.”

“When she tumbled she fell neck/back first down the 3-4 foot rock wall, onto the asphalt of the roadway and fractured her skull, cut open a portion of her head, has bleeding on the brain in the canal that separates her right and left sides brain and has bruising/blood on the front brain.”

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