She Tracked Down Her Dad After Never Knowing Who He Was And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Should Have Kept The Truth From Her About Why He Wasn’t In Her Life

One summer, M’s dad went on vacation with his family. When he got home from the trip, he went over to the apartment that M’s mom lived in.

Weirdly enough, her stuff was gone, her apartment was cleared out, and she seemed to have vanished into thin air.

In the years that followed, M’s dad was genuinely curious about what had happened and where she had gone.

He even tried a few times to find where M’s mom went, without any luck.

Then, a few months ago, M showed up and awkwardly said she was his daughter. She revealed to him that her mom passed away several years ago, and before she died, she told M to find him.

It took M that entire time to figure out where he was, and she clearly spent a long time looking for him.

So, M showed up, and she acted quite confrontational and angry towards him until he set the record straight.

She finally asked him why he was never a part of her life, and he replied honestly. “Two reasons. One, I didn’t know you existed, and two, your mom completely vanished on me,” he said.

M refused to believe what he was saying until it kind of sunk in and M started feeling upset towards her mom, who she adored.

She basically feels hatred towards her mom for lying to her, and she doesn’t hold anything against her dad now because he had no idea she was born.

M worshipped and respected her mom, but he’s feeling like he destroyed everything M loved about her mom by telling her the truth.

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