She Was Hiking With Her Husband To Watch The Sunrise When She Fell More Than 200 Feet To Her Death

Calli had somehow fallen from Steamboat Point, but her husband could not find her. “The reporting party, the female’s husband, was unsure where the female was located, and due to poor cellphone service, the exact location of the victim was unknown at the time of the 911 call,” the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Authorities rushed to the scene and started working to find Calli at around 6:30 that morning. A life flight was called in to help get her out of the area after they found her.

Facebook; pictured above Calli smiles

“At approximately 7:15 AM, the female victim was located, deceased, at the base of the southwest side of Steamboat Point,” the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office continued.

“Life flight was canceled and personnel from the Bighorn National Forest Service arrived to assist the above agencies with her recovery.”

Facebook; pictured above is Calli with a dolphin

It’s not clear what happened to cause Calli to fall, but the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that her death was an accident and no foul play was involved.

Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is a statement regarding Calli

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