She Went Missing After She Got A Strange Phone Call While At Dinner With Her Family: Where Is Tina Prince?

Facebook; pictured above is a flyer from the AWARE Foundation regarding Tina’s disappearance

“Below are the most up-to-date photographs of Tina Prince the night she was last seen,” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said in their update, providing photos of Tina which you can view below.

“Investigators are pursuing every avenue and following every lead to locate Ms. Prince.”

Authorities did not mention where this store that Tina was last seen in is located.

Tina is 5’1 and weighs around 140 pounds. She has burgundy hair and green eyes and could be wearing the clothing she was last seen in.

If you have any information on Tina or where she might be, please call the Washington County Sheriffs Office at 478-552-0911.

Pictured below are the most recent photos of Tina in the convenience store as provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

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