She’s Refusing To Let Her Teen Nephew And His Pregnant Girlfriend Live In Their Pool House But Now She’s Asking The Internet To Weigh In On What To Do

A woman’s nephew came to live with her, her husband, and their 8-year-old son after their family suffered a tragedy.

Her sister-in-law and her sister-in-law’s husband sadly passed away in a car accident 6 months ago.

Her nephew, whom she refers to as N, then moved in, and he was 16 at the time but now is 17.

N obviously struggled a lot with what happened, and he goes to therapy. Right before his parents passed, he started dating this girl named R, and they’ve been together for 10 months.

R is the same age as N, and she really was there in a big way for N after he lost his family.

“N is a generally very good kid even in his grief. R isn’t a bad kid either,” she said. “She has decent grades, plays sports, & volunteers, and is generally well mannered.”

“Her family life hasn’t been the best though, so she spends a LOT of her time at our house.”

She has ended up staying at their house overnight on several occasions, and every time they let her stay in their guest bedroom because they didn’t feel it was appropriate for her to share N’s room.

Although She took precautions and spoke to both of these teens about being safe while being intimate, R got pregnant.

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