Teen Disappears Walking Down The Street To Her Dad’s House And 8 Years After Her Remains Were Found Her Killer Has Been Arrested

Unfortunately, Hailey’s dad Clint said she never made it to his house, and Hailey’s friend had not seen her either.

Shawn started to act suspicious not long after Hailey was reported as missing. According to court documents obtained by Chip Chick, Shawn told investigators Hailey “was a good girl.”

But then, he changed his story and tried to say that she was “promiscuous” and that she was into drugs.

Investigators noted that Shawn was the only person they had spoken to that had anything bad to say about Hailey.

Facebook; pictured above Hailey smiles

The investigation into Hailey’s disappearance continued for 3 long years. Clint, Shawn, and Billie all took polygraph tests regarding Hailey, but Clint was the only person to pass it he said.

In March of 2013, Hailey’s remains were sadly found in a remote area that happened to be only a few miles from the house that Shawn’s mom lived in.

Regardless of the fact that Hailey was now no longer missing, but murdered, it took an additional 8 years for her alleged killer to finally be arrested.

During that time, Hailey’s dad Clint tirelessly pushed for her to receive the justice she so deserves.

Pictured below are a few of his posts he shared on the Facebook page he dedicated to getting his daughter justice.

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