This 9-Year-Old Needs A Kidney Transplant And Her Mom Is Hoping To Raise Enough Money So That She Can Be A Donor To Her Daughter

It took days for the toxins to return to a normal level, which just goes to show that Seven was so close to dying.

As Seven continued to receive treatment, doctors learned that Seven had Vasculitis and Lupus, two autoimmune diseases that can prove to be fatal.

Doctors suspected the combination of the diseases caused Seven to go into kidney failure in the first place.

Seven went on to have 8 surgeries in less than a year and a ton of complications including heart failure and swelling in her brain.

In December of 2020, doctors decided that it was best to remove both of her kidneys because her blood pressure was just uncontrollable.

“Because of the medications she’s taking, her appearance has changed drastically,  her self-esteem has diminished, she is smaller in size and underweight for a child her age,” Natalie explained.

“She has been treated for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. My poor girl has gone through the unimaginable.”

Seven also sadly had to celebrate her 9th birthday this year in the hospital.

Natalie is trying to raise enough money to pay for her little girl’s kidney transplant, and she’s planning on donating one of her own kidneys to Seven.

The kidney transplant surgery alone is extraordinarily expensive, but Natalie now needs to prove that she can afford the astronomical expenses before Seven is approved for surgery.

“On average, post-transplant care for a kidney is around $28,000-$30,000 a year,” Natalie wrote.

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