This Baby Disappeared Over A Month Ago And Now Authorities Are Searching A Pond Her Father Owns

Huntington, Virginia. A 3-month-old little girl named Angel Nichole Overstreet went missing more than a month ago, and now authorities have made it known that they are searching a pond her father owns.

Angel first went missing around May 8th, and since then nobody has seen the little girl.

She has blue eyes and dark-colored hair that has a reddish hint to it.

She also has a unique, strawberry-shaped birthmark located on the back of her neck.

Facebook; pictured above is Angel, who has been missing since approximately May 8th

As for how Angel ended up missing in the first place, she was in the custody of her father when CPS contacted authorities to say they were concerned about her.

“Representatives of West Virginia Child Protective Services (CPS) contacted the Police Department on Monday, May 24, stating they had been asked to follow-up with Angel’s father, Shannon Overstreet, regarding custody issues stemming from Kentucky,” the Huntington Police Department explained in a statement.

“CPS representatives also stated Shannon told them he had turned Angel over to CPS approximately two weeks earlier.”

“At this time, investigators are unable to substantiate a custody exchange between Shannon and the two described CPS workers.”

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