This Dog Was Shot Several Times Then Rushed To An Emergency Vet By Police And Now He’s On The Road To Recovery

Manassas Park, Virginia. On April 26th, the Manassas Park Police responded to a call around 9:26 in the morning about a dog that had been shot several times.

Witnesses told police that they had heard 6 shots fired in the VRE parking lot located at 9300 Manassas Drive.

When people came to see what was going on, they saw a dog was the victim of the shooting.

Bleeding, he was trying to follow the person who had shot him (presumably his owner). The shooter got into a black-colored SUV and took off, leaving the severely injured dog behind to die.

Officers that arrived on the scene sprung into action, rushing the poor dog to MedVet so he could get emergency medical care.

Manassas Park Police; pictured above is Kevin

“Our detectives are still working hard following up on leads; however, this case is going to take the help of everyone in our community,” the Manassas Park Police explained in an update.

“Someone knows his owner, or where he lives at. We hope his veterinary office recognizes him and comes forward.”

“A quick update on his health. He’s been resting comfortably. Surgery was performed yesterday to remove a bullet from his jaw.”

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