This Stylist Is Going Viral For Pointing Out That The Fashion Industry Still Has A Huge Size Issue

The fashion industry has been inching towards inclusion for the past few years, but it’s really not quite there yet in regards to one of the most important problems: the size of clothing.

Francesca Burns is a stylist that’s now going viral for sharing a photo of a model who couldn’t fit into any of the looks she pulled for her, despite being quite slender.

The internet applauded Francesca for pointing out that the fashion industry still has a huge size issue, and here was what she had to share on Instagram.

Instagram; pictured above is Francesca

She started out by saying, “Hello! Here’s a thought for a Saturday morning…can we make our sample sizes bigger please?”

“I never want anyone on my set to be made to feel “less than.” More often than not I am working with young women who- in spite of being exceptionally beautiful-are living breathing feeling human beings who should never be made to feel like they are “too big” for the clothes.”

“The model in this picture is TINY. A size UK8 at the most. And yet, these Hedi Slimane Celine trousers did not fit her. I had several looks from this collection and none of them fit her. She was not the exception- you are.”

“This is so unacceptable – it is fundamentally wrong to suggest that this is the norm. It isn’t.”

Instagram; pictured above is the photo Francesca shared along with her message about clothing size

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