This Stylist Is Going Viral For Pointing Out That The Fashion Industry Still Has A Huge Size Issue

“We have a responsibility in this industry to celebrate and to empower and to make people feel great- why else would we want to go out and spend our hard earned cash on these things?! Because we want to feel GOOD!”

“We also have a responsibility for those in our care on set and to make sure beauty standards are not limited to a size that is completely unrealistic for the majority – nobody should look at fashion imagery and feel bad about themselves and nobody should participate in making fashion imagery and feel bad.”

“Putting this girl into these trousers made me feel like a twisted creep and my beautiful model feel like she wasn’t good enough so thank you for that.”

“Things have to change in so many ways but how hard is it to size things up? Any stylist worth their safety pins won’t complain about it.”

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