You Need To Add These Psychological Thrillers To Your Reading List, Because They Are Just As Good As Gone Girl And Girl On The Train

The Wife Between Us

This book is also about to be turned into a movie! The Wife Between Us is also packed with twists and really highlights how perception is everything.

So you start out thinking it’s a book about jealous ex-wife, Vanessa, whose husband Richard cheated on her. She appears to be obsessed with the younger woman he left her for.

But nothing here is what it seems, and I don’t want to give anything else away…which is really easy to do the more you try to explain this one.

So I’m going to quit while I’m ahead and just say that this is the book for you if you’re into super weird love triangles.

You can get it here for $10.99

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Ok, so I swear I never realized this before…looks like all my top picks are about to be turned into movies! In a Dark, Dark Wood is also more of a slow burn start, but it’s still a good page-turner.

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