24-Year-Old Honestly Thinks She’s A Cat In A Human Body And Her Boyfriend Is Asking The Internet What To Do

A 26-year-old man says his 24-year-old girlfriend honestly thinks she’s a cat in a human body and now he’s asking the internet what to do.

He started out by explaining that he has been dating his girlfriend for around 8 months, and before that, they were just friends for more than 2 years.

She is nerdy and quirky, and she really enjoys anime and cosplaying, but he never thought she was weird in what she liked to do.

One day when he went over to her place to see her, he was surprised to see her wearing cat ears, and a cat tail around a belt.

He figured at some point she would tell him she’s wearing a new outfit for a cosplay, but what she had to share with him was a lot more shocking than that.

“…She sat me down, asked me if I really do love her, then hit me with a very long monologue that essentially summed up to “I’m a cat in a human body.” Wish I was joking,” he said.

“I thought I misunderstood and then believed that maybe it was a weird joke but she kept being serious about it and doubling down.”

Not long after she sprung this news on him, he had to leave for work. He really believed that she was trying to play some kind of strange joke on him, and he left.

When his girlfriend started sending him text messages full of different sources to help him better understand what she was talking about, he realized this was not a joke at all.

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