A Pool Accident Left This 10-Year-Old Equestrian Paralyzed

Salisbury, Vermont. 10-year-old Nora Warren lives in Salisbury with her family, and she loves riding horses along with her mom, dancing, playing ice hockey, and helping her dad work on his race cars.

Nora was enjoying some time at a pool on Friday when tragedy struck.

She dove into the pool and broke a vertebrae in the process, which has currently left her paralyzed.

Nora’s family has no idea if she will recover from breaking her c5 vertebrae, and they also do not know if she will be permanently paralyzed or not.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Nora with some ribbons she won

“As many of you know my beautiful, talented daughter broke her c5 vertebrae after diving in a pool causing a spinal cord injury Friday,” Nora’s mom wrote in a Facebook post.

“I wanted to give an update for everyone so kindly offering help and prayers. Brent Warren and I are beside ourselves with disbelief and shock.”

Although Nora is now in stable condition, she does still require a breathing tube. She also needed to have surgery on Friday evening to fix the breaks in her bones.

Her mom mentioned that they will need time to determine how Nora will recover from her injuries, but the good news is she is able to move a bit of her upper body.

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