A Strange Note And Wiped Phone Were The Only Things This 15-Year-Old Left Behind After Fighting With Her Mom Over Secretly Seeing An Older Guy: Her Remains Were Found 3 Years Later In A Blanket

Fairfield, Illinois. Megan Nichols was 15-years-old when she vanished from her home under mysterious circumstances.

It took almost 4 years to find her, but when she was finally located, it wasn’t in the way her friends and family had hoped.

Megan lived in Fairfield, Illinois, with her mom, Kathy Jo Hutchcraft, and step-dad, Jerod Hutchcraft. Her friends and family members remember her as witty, silly, kind, and caring. Scrolling through her Facebook, she seems like your typical teenager.

But on July 3rd, 2014, she turned into anything but typical.

On what should have been the start of a fun-filled holiday weekend, Megan disappeared.

Facebook; Megan smiles in the above photo while sitting in front of a waterfall

Megan and her mom Kathy Jo had always been close with each other, but that all changed shortly before she disappeared.

Kathy Jo found out that Megan had been dating an 18-year-old guy without her knowing, and although a 3-year age difference isn’t a lot when you’re an adult, it is when your daughter is only 15.

15-year-olds and 18-year-olds are just on entirely different planets and every involved American mom would find a relationship like that concerning. I mean, when I was a freshman in high school I got asked to prom by a senior and my mom freaked out and forbid it.

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