A Strange Note And Wiped Phone Were The Only Things This 15-Year-Old Left Behind After Fighting With Her Mom Over Secretly Seeing An Older Guy: Her Remains Were Found 3 Years Later In A Blanket

Kathy Jo had more cause for concern than just this guy’s age. Speaking to True Crime Daily, she said that she learned from friends and family members that this guy wasn’t only seeing Megan…he was seeing another girl at the same time in a typical love triangle style.

“I’d had it at that point. He’s using her and you, and you’re done, you’re 15, he’s 18, this is over,” Kathy explained.

Facebook; Megan is pictured above with a dog in a black and white photo

Megan didn’t listen to her mom, and she continued to at least have conversations with this guy, despite her mom wanting her to stop everything.

“She kept staying in contact with him so I took her phone from her. So one evening I wanted to check her phone to see if she missed anything important.”

“I see this text conversation between her and the boy, but I only see her side of the conversation and it was happening as I was looking at her phone.”

Kathy Jo realized Megan was still texting him from her iPod, even without her phone. So she went straight up to her daughter’s room and demanded she hand over the iPod. And then she read the messages she had sent on that, and it was heartbreaking for her.

“She made the comment that she couldn’t stand me, she just wanted to get out of this house, and his response was I just want to come get you right now,” she said about what those texts contained.

Kathy Jo called this guy up herself and demanded he stop talking to Megan. She figured that was the end of things, but she was wrong.

After Megan got her phone back, she saved his name in her phone under a female name so her mom wouldn’t get suspicious. Kathy Jo put it all together, called the friend, and surprise, surprise…the guy answered.

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