Bridesmaid Bails On The Wedding After Her Friend Who Is Getting Married Didn’t Show Up To Her Dad’s Funeral

One young woman has a friend from high school who is getting married soon, and she agreed to be a bridesmaid in her friend’s upcoming wedding.

When her friend who is getting married didn’t show up to her dad’s funeral after his death recently, she decided to bail on being a bridesmaid.

“I have a lot of issues and while I have caused a lot of them, some can root back to my dad,” she started out by explaining.

“I won’t get into things other than years of him comparing me to other girls, berating me and other actions have left a scar.”

“But when he passed it hurt like hell knowing I’d never get his approval. The last few days he was in hospice care, slowly dying and he still found ways to hurt my sister and me.”

Even though she had a terrible relationship with her dad, his death really impacted her and she didn’t feel like she was alright after his passing.

Now, her friend who is getting married has admitted to her previously that she just doesn’t get the relationship that she had with her dad.

She pointed out that her friend’s life has been very easy, so she thinks that’s a big part of the reason why her friend doesn’t get the pain she has experienced in her life.

The evening that her dad passed away, she called her friend who was getting married to tell her about it.

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