Bridesmaid Bails On The Wedding After Her Friend Who Is Getting Married Didn’t Show Up To Her Dad’s Funeral

Her friend had no words for her, and then a few days afterward wanted to know if she was going to go shoe shopping with her for her wedding shoes.

She said she couldn’t make it to shop for the shoes anymore because she was grieving. She then forwarded the funeral info to her friend and said that she hoped she would be there.

“She sent me a thumbs up. I know she had the day off and expected her to at least stop in during visitation. She didn’t come and didn’t text me at all that day,” she continued.

Her friend that is getting married never showed up to her dad’s funeral though. She felt upset about it because she really thought she would be there for her.

Furthermore, her friend had attended recent funerals for people she didn’t know personally, like another friend’s stepmom and cousin.

A week after this lat exchange, her friend sent her a text asking if she wanted to still be in the wedding since she was quite behind on getting her bridesmaid dress and other things she needed to wear that day.

“I’ve been a basket case with reliving all the things he’s done to me, watching him die, planning a funeral, and thinking about how the diseases he had at the end of his life could be passed on to my sister and me,” she said about her dad.

She knows she has had not much patience for anyone, and her friend wasn’t an exception to that.

She essentially told her friend that because she was not there in her time of need, she was no longer going to be there for her.

She also told her friend she “can take her wedding and shove it.” Since that all went down, friends of her friend that is getting married and even the bride-to-be’s future husband have been sending her nonstop messages calling her selfish.

“As her boyfriend told me I have always expressed a dislike for my dad so his death shouldn’t be such a big deal and I’m using it for attention” she continued.

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