Clare Crawley From The Bachelor Opens Up About Getting Her Breast Implants Removed Due To Health Issues

Around a month ago while visiting her chiropractor, he took an x-ray and insisted that Clare should go get a mammogram.

The x-ray he took showed that behind one of Clare’s breast implants was a big pocket filled with fluid.

After getting several mammograms and ultrasounds due to some suspicious things, it turned out Clare had these sacks of fluid behind both of her implants.

Instagram; pictured above Clare shares a photo of the rash around her eyes

Clare then said her white blood cell count has been elevated for a few years now, fighting something that her doctor couldn’t figure out.

“As much as I love my implants, um, my body is fighting them and recognizes it as something obviously foreign in my body.”

Clare then shared a conversation she had with Dale over all this. “I was talking to Dale the other day and he said, ‘Your boobs are not what make you beautiful.’ And it’s the truth.”

“…And to me, this is the ultimate love story… loving my body enough to know that this is not what makes me beautiful.”

Clare will have her implants removed, and she’s hoping that by sharing this part of her journey publicly, she can help other people who might be going through something like this so they don’t feel alone.

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