Dad And His 10-Year-Old Son Killed After A Barn Roof Collapses On The Two Of Them

“Andy was kind, hilarious, thoughtful, and always willing to help anyone with anything,” his obituary reads.

“He was always the proudest dad and husband. Andy loved the opportunity to tell you about his family, and it was always so clear how much he loved them.”

“Beckett had completed third grade at the Dike New Hartford Elementary,” Beckett’s obituary reads.

“Beckett was a boy of many talents, but his ability to make anyone laugh and smile stood out to all. His contagious laugh would make anyone chuckle.”

“Beckett was sweet, thoughtful, and always kind to others. His nickname to his classmates was “Bucket” because he was a “Bucket Filler” always putting others before himself with compliments and encouragement. You could always find him helping his dad with various projects.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe created to help Andy’s wife Brook and their four children, you can do that here.

Cedar Falls Public Safety; pictured above is a statement regarding the tragic deaths of Andy and Beckett

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