Dad Does Coke, Plays Video Games Then His Children Climbed Into His Hot Truck And Died

He returned around 11 minutes later, and then he nodded off to sleep. At 1:22 that afternoon, footage from a surveillance camera caught Tegan and Ryan outside of his home attempting to get inside of his truck.

The truck’s alarm started going off, and the kids tried again to get in the truck. At 1:29 p.m., they were able to climb inside.

They were in there the entire time, in the heat, until Dustin came out of his apartment at around 5:32 that night.

It was now about 4 hours that Tegan and Ryan had been stuck inside of the truck, and they sadly had passed away.

Authorities say Tegan and Ryan had died due to “extreme heat exposure.”

“Dustin Dennis was irresponsible and reckless,” Acting U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson said in a statement.

“He prioritized using cocaine while his young children, Ryan and Tegan, were in his home and failed to protect them from harm.”

“My office remains committed to prosecuting perpetrators of child neglect and abuse.”

Dustin did plead guilty to two counts of child neglect and as part of a plea deal, he will be spending 36 to 72 months in federal prison. When Dustin gets out, he will need to serve 5 years of supervised release.

Tulsa County Jail; pictured above is Dustin Lee Dennis in his mugshot

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