Do Not Try This At Home! Doctor Is Sharing Horrifying Photos To Point Out How Dangerous And Damaging At-Home Chemical Peels Are

New York, New York. When it comes to your face, there are just certain products you should not DIY. Some things are best left to the professionals, and chemical peels are one of them.

Yes, chemical peels can help you achieve the glow you want, but they can also give you results that will ruin your face for the rest of your life if you go about it on your own.

Doctor Zoe Gazola is sharing horrifying photos online to point out how dangerous and damaging at-home chemical peels are.

Do not try this at home, and please be aware the images on the next page can be upsetting to see, so proceed with caution.

Instagram; Doctor Zoe is pictured above

Taking to Instagram, Doctor Zoe shared an eye-opening post along with several photos of the heartbreaking result…

…Third-degree chemical burns.

It looks like a lot of women are choosing downtime in quarantine to try to experiment with chemical peels at home, and there are plenty of online groups and social media accounts offering “help” on how to do it.

“DIY 3rd-degree chemical burn,” Zoe explained in her post.

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