Even Though She Was In The Wedding Party She Admits She Started Being Downright Rude Before Leaving The Wedding Early For This Reason

A woman who was recently part of her friend’s wedding admits she started being downright rude before leaving early for this reason.

It was an outdoor wedding with a lot of room, but she was somehow the only single person there who was not given a plus one.

That’s right; every other member of the wedding party and every guest that was there was able to bring their significant other…except her.

“I was told it was because my relationship wasn’t “serious” enough despite us being together for a year,” she said.

“That only engaged or married couples were invited. And that they didn’t want “some random guy” in their wedding pictures who “I might not even be with” later in the future.”

The thing is though, her boyfriend would not have been in any of the photos of the wedding party. He maybe would have been seen in the background of the wedding reception.

Her boyfriend has never had a problem with the married couple, and on top of this, he’s a very kind and even keel kind of guy.

He gets along with everyone that he meets, so she can’t imagine why he wasn’t invited to this wedding that she was a part of.

“I get to the ceremony and find out that literally everyone else has a +1, not just married couples, but there are couples there who have been dating for less time than me,” she continued.

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