Her Best Friend Sleeps With Every Guy She Has Ever Been Involved With And She’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This

After she broke up with this guy, several months later her friend was spending time with him constantly and even ended up sleeping with him a few times.

Fast forward to a year and a half ago, she began dating another guy that happened to be part of this same friend group.

Their relationship lasted just a few months, and as soon as it was over, her friend wasted no time getting with this guy too.

At first, she thought since they were all in the same friend group that was the reasoning behind her friend hooking up with her exes.

But then, recently her friend confided in her that she started hanging out with a guy she had broken up with 2 years ago.

She thinks her friend was being weird about the whole situation, and she’s convinced she slept with this ex as well.

The thing is, this ex was never part of their group of friends, and he was not someone her friend would ever just cross paths with.

“She would’ve had to go out of her way to begin hanging out with him,” she continued.

“I’m not close to her anymore and don’t see or talk to her much. She has a lot of problems, and the dudes I’ve picked haven’t been stellar.”

“I’ve made excuses for some of this, but IDK. Like every dude I’ve dated since I was 17 she’s either slept with or become friends with after we’ve broken up?”

She then wondered if she’s blowing things out of proportion here, before adding, “I haven’t hung out with her in quite a while, but ran into her a week ago and have a soft spot and attachment to her and despite what I know about her I have a tendency of letting her back into my life.”

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