Her Boyfriend Is Pretending To Be A Girl Online And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Doesn’t Know What To Do After Confronting Him

A 19-year-old says her 20-year-old boyfriend is pretending to be a girl online. She’s telling the internet she doesn’t know what to do after confronting him about it because he hasn’t stopped.

“So my boyfriend (20-years-old) and I (19-years-old) have been dating for about 2 years now,” she started out by saying.

“I’ve always admired that he’s very in touch with his feminine side and isn’t afraid to be open with me about his feelings and his interests.”

She admitted they’re both very nerdy and into video games, and her boyfriend pretty much always picks a female character to play when gaming.

It doesn’t bother her that her boyfriend does this, but it does both her that men on the internet start sending him messages, assuming he’s really a girl in real life.

“Again, no problem with this. But my problem is, is that he never corrects them.”

She and her boyfriend got into a disagreement after she found out that a guy had sent him messages via a video game, and the guy was absolutely flirting with her boyfriend.

“At one point my boyfriend called him “cute.” After the argument ended he apologized and stopped talking to him and I thought he wouldn’t do it again, but I ended up stumbling across new messages with a new guy.”

In the new messages, her boyfriend was not flirting, but the other man was.

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