Her Boyfriend Tried To Force Her To Let Him Have A Relationship With Another Woman At The Same Time And Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Shouldn’t Break Up With Him

A 27-year-old woman says her 32-year-old boyfriend tried to force her to let him have a relationship with another woman at the same time.

They broke up, but she’s having second thoughts and wants the internet to tell her if she shouldn’t break up with him.

“I guess it’s best if I give a background about us and what had happened. We met when I was still in college, and he was in law school,” she started out by saying.

She now works as a researcher and he works as a lawyer.

“We’ve always had fun together and I just love it every time I’m with him, and from the looks of it, he likes my company too.”

“We’ve been through a lot: fought for each other, defended each other from the others’ family, defied odds and so much more.”

“We’ve cheated on each other once, and we reconciled and moved on from those incidents.”

Since then, they agreed to be transparent and honest with each other about everything in their lives.

“A few months ago after an out-of-town trip, he brought up the idea of polyamory,” she continued.

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