Her Bridesmaid Had A Drunk Panic Attack At Her Wedding Which Caused Some Of Her Family Members To Miss The Send-Off

A woman who recently got married feels that her bridesmaid Beth really ruined things for her at the wedding.

She started out by saying that Beth has been drinking a lot lately, and it has spiraled out of control.

While Beth is drunk, she tends to have full-on panic attacks that are pretty much the result of her having lost 3 of her grandparents in just 6 months.

Beth swears she doesn’t blackout when she has her panic attacks, but after everything is over and done with she can’t remember a single thing.

2 weeks before this bride got married, Beth came to her birthday party at a Topgolf. Beth went to her cousin’s bridal shower beforehand, and it should have taken her 20 minutes to get to the party after that.

This bride called Beth before heading over to Topgolf as she had requested, but Beth didn’t pick up the phone.

When she did call back, the bride could tell she was already wasted.

Beth ended up finally arriving at the party, but she had to be helped out of the Uber by the bride’s husband and his friend Tom (who Beth has previously slept with).

“She doesn’t even get to the door before she’s being belligerent,” the bride said. “I didn’t see this for myself bc my husband told me to stay put & have fun since it was my bday.”

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