Her Fiancé Is Accusing Her Of Catering To Her Psychotic Best Friend At Their Wedding But All She’s Trying To Do Is Make Sure Her Friend Will Be There

A 28-year-old woman is getting married next month, but she now has a problem with her 29-year-old best friend, who is also going to be her man of honor.

They’ve been friends since she was 7-years-old, but here’s the thing about him now in his adult years.

He has been diagnosed as psychotic, and he experiences hallucinations and delusions. While he is not on medication right now, he’s trying to figure that out to help him.

He is doing very well as of now, though he has a huge problem with snakes and is so paranoid about them.

“He can’t walk on grass without shoes or someone else with him, won’t go near marshes/lakes, and has candles and air fresheners that he believes repel snakes in his house,” she explained.

In order for him to be able to come to her outdoor, backyard wedding, he asked a few things of her.

First, on the day of the wedding, he wants to get to there a few hours before everyone so that he can use essential oils around the backyard to get rid of any snakes.

Next, he insisted that cannot be put close to shadowy spaces or bushes, and he doesn’t want to be near tablecloths that are long (she said this was not an issue because she is only having picnic tables without tablecloths at the wedding).

Finally, he needs to be able to “wear his essential oils as cologne” and again, this is a requirement that does not bother her because she thinks the smell is fine.

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