Her Former Best Friend Leaked Intimate Photos Of Her To Nearly Everyone She Knows And Now She’s Asking The Internet How to Move On From All Of This

An 18-year-old is saying her ex-best friend (who is also 18) leaked intimate photos of her to pretty much everyone she knows.

She’s about to start college, and some of her former high-school classmates have seen the photos.

She’s concerned about all of this following her around, and she’s asking the internet how she can begin to move on from this.

“After my ex-best friend and I fell out, she started bad-mouthing me to everyone,” she started out by saying.

It happened several months ago, and she ended up not going to school during that time due to health reasons.

Then someone revealed to her that her former best friend wasn’t just saying bad things about her…

…She leaked intimate photos of her to the entire school, and she also shared highly personal details about this young woman’s personal life.

Obviously, everyone at her high school began talking about her, and because a few months had gone by, she thought everything had kind of blown over, but people were still going to think what they wanted to about her.

She avoided confronting all of this since she did not want to bring more attention to this situation or add more drama.

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