Her Neighbors Told Her The Way Her House Looks Is Ruining Their Property Value And Now This Single Mom Is Telling The Internet She’s Upset

“The paved areas are always weedy, and I live right beside the roadside that’s busy with lorries and tractors, so everything’s covered in dust and dirt.”

This has never bothered her because she only really sees it all when she drives by.

“After they spoke to me I was embarrassed so I went out and bought hanging baskets and some window boxes.”

She got some inexpensive flowers for the baskets and window boxes, and by the time she bought that and the rest of the things she needed to plant them, she spent a little more than $100.

She also got the front wall of her property and the windows of her home pressure washed. Everything looked great for 2 weeks, but then all of the dust came back and made it all look dirty again.

She doesn’t have the time to make everything look incredible every week, since she’s a single mom with 4 children.

She has basically no help or support, even though her parents help her when they are able to do so.

“My parents do what they can, but I’m already exhausted and overwhelmed with housework and everything I have to do to keep our lives ticking over,” she continued.

On top of all that, she’s a full-time student and wants to spend any free time she has completing her school projects so she can continue getting great grades.

“These things are eating up all my time yet I feel like I have to spend every free minute keeping the front of my house immaculate for my neighbor’s sake.”

“It’s making me anxious, exhausted and I feel like I’m being looked down on by my neighbor’s and their potential buyers.”

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