Her Sister Ruined Her Fiancé’s Hearing Aid On Purpose And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help Because Her Sister Is Refusing To Pay The $5,000 For A New One

“My wedding is in less than 2 weeks and my fiancé can’t even be aware of his surroundings without his HA so it won’t happen until he gets new HA and this stuff is expensive,” she explained.

Her sister tried to say she didn’t understand that the hearing aid would be so expensive to replace and that she couldn’t afford to pay for that and college.

Meanwhile, her parents insisted she had to postpone her wedding so that they could come up with a good solution that would work for everyone…

…But if she calls off her wedding, it’s going to cost her a ton. It’s far more expensive for her to move her wedding back than it is to buy her fiancé a hearing aid.

She argued with her parents that this is now affecting her fiancé’s health and her wedding, so her sister needed to pay.

“My parents said they would’ve paid me themselves if they had that kind of money but I was unreasonable to take away my sister’s education money she worked for when I could postpone if I’m worried about not getting a new HA before the wedding,” she continued.

Her parents accused her of picking a “party” at the expense of her sister’s education and future.

“I left their house and still stood my ground despite them telling me I’m being selfish for not working with them on a solution for this issue,” she continued.

“Unfortunately My sister has done similar things in the past so It wasn’t too surprising to find out she was behind it.”

“My parents tend to let my sister get away with either intentionally or unintentionally ruining others’ belongings without any accountability.”

“Last summer she ruined her friend’s dad’s car but wasn’t told anything because my parents paid for the damages.”

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