Her Sister Sobbed During Her Entire Wedding For Stealing Her Man And Now She’s Telling Her To Get Over It

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A young woman named Mara says her sister sobbed during her entire wedding for “stealing her man” and now she’s telling her to just get over it already.

She started out by explaining that she has 2 sisters; Patty and Ava. Patty is technically her biological cousin, but there was a very open adoption agreement in place when her parents adopted her.

Mara also added that Patty is somewhere on the autism spectrum, and she has social issues because of that.

Growing up, the girls had 3 boy siblings as their neighbors named Zac, Sam, and Alex. Mara’s parents were friendly with the parents of the boys, and they would frequently make jokes about their kids ending up getting married.

It turned out to not quite be a joke though because it sort of happened when they got older.

Anyway, Patty was the same age as Sam, and Mara was 2 years younger than them. Zac and Ava were the same age, but Ava sadly passed away along with the girl’s mom.

“Patty had a crush on Sam all through high school, but he wasn’t interested in her,” Mara said. “She started choosing to spend the summers with her bio parents in high school after our mother passed, so she was gone most of the time.”

“The summer of my sophomore year, I went out with Sam a few times, but nothing came of it. Patty was off spending the summer with her bio parents like she had done since our mother passed, so she was away for this.”

“She was furious about it when she found out and she accused me of “stealing her man” (who wasn’t interested).”

pha88 – – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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