Her Sister Sobbed During Her Entire Wedding For Stealing Her Man And Now She’s Telling Her To Get Over It

“Sam ended up taking Patty to prom later that year so she could go (school policy) but that was it.”

Just before Mara wrapped up college, she began dating Sam for a second time. She and Sam told their families that they were together.

Mara’s dad, Sam’s mom, and Sam’s siblings were all elated for them, but Patty was upset by the news.

Mara figured that it’s been a long time since prom had passed, and she thought Patty would have gotten over everything.

Well, Mara guessed incorrectly on that. Patty was so distraught over Mara’s relationship with Sam that she began crying and left.

She also called out of work for a whole week, claiming she was sick. Patty has also not said anything to Mara since that day.

At the beginning of last year, Mara tied the knot with Sam, despite her dad pleading with her to wait on getting married.

Her dad said that Patty needed to process everything and that they should just give her more time to do that.

Initially, Mara respected his wishes and she did wait. Then, she thought about the fact that Patty did have 10 years after high school to come to terms with no longer being with Sam, so she went through with the wedding.

Mara and Sam’s wedding was small, and they only invited their close family members.

“Patty spent the entire wedding sobbing until my father took her home, which meant that I didn’t get to have a single picture with my father that day,” Mara continued.

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