He’s Going Viral For Accidentally Breaking Into A Couple’s Apartment And Cleaning The Entire Place

“You’re welcome,” Louis laughs.

In the end, Louis was actually able to get in touch with the people who owned the apartment he mistakenly cleaned, and in a follow-up video, he shared the texts he exchanged with them.

Louis started out by texting the couple to apologize for accidentally breaking into their apartment and then cleaning it.

The wife responded by telling him that she and her husband completely understand it was all just an accident, and that they felt bad that he cleaned their place since it was in awful shape due to renovations.

She then continued to say that Louis did a great job cleaning, before asking for his contact info so they could get him to come clean again.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of the texts between Louis and the owners of the wrong apartment that he cleaned

You can watch Louis’s hysterically wholesome video below, and you can follow him on TikTok here!


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