Little Boy Who Has Cancer Gets To Be An Honorary Deputy For A Day

Facebook; pictured above is Merrick in his uniform

“Merrick has spent the last 6 months going through radiation and chemotherapy to fight cancer. He shared with his family that he wanted to be a sheriff one day.”

“The Polk County Sheriff’s Office made it happen and both Merrick’s Pre-K teachers, Mrs. Jakubik and Mrs. Angela Oxley, were able to attend this heartwarming event.”

“The Polk County Sheriff’s Office went above and beyond to show Merrick a wonderful day by making him an “Honorary Deputy”!”

Facebook; pictured above Merrick gets to sit in a helicopter

“He even looked the part as they had a uniform made for Merrick to wear for his special day, they honored him with a plaque, and a backpack full of gifts.”

“He was excited to meet Sheriff Grady Judd, the 911 Dispatchers, and the Polk County SWAT Team! Thank you for your generosity and for making one of our student’s dreams come true! You are the BEST!”

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