Man Charged After Sleeping With Several Women And Not Disclosing To Them That He’s HIV Positive

When detectives had enough evidence to finally charge Gentry with failing to inform his partners of his infection, they realized he was already behind bars for charges not related to this case.

Gentry’s new charges were added to his existing ones, and he will not be allowed out on bond. In the state of Florida, it’s illegal for you to engage in intimacy with someone if you have an STI and fail to inform your partner of your status.

“It’s believed that Gentry Burns traveled extensively along the East Coast of the United States and may have had contact with additional victims in other states,” the Volusia Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“Detectives are asking anyone who believes they may be a victim to contact the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. The best way to report your case is to email Detective Julian Elmazi at”

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