Mom Who Went Missing Found Cut To Pieces On Her Former Father-In-Law’s Properties

Saint Cloud, Florida. 33-year-old Nicole Montalvo was a mom living in Saint Cloud along with her young son Elijah.

“She loved the beach, sun, and rollerblading at the St. Cloud lakefront, she loved her co-workers so much that she would go out to eat with them on her days off,” her obituary reads.

“She tried to eat healthy but failed miserably around Taco Bell, Nicole loved music and she had a special playlist that she played each day while getting ready for work.”

“She loved going to a local tavern to watch her favorite NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles which she rooted for.”

“Nicole loved her son Elijah more than anything, she loved dressing up for Halloween with Elijah, she taught Elijah to love ketchup and ranch dressing so they could put it on everything.”

“Nicole and Elijah loved to make cupcakes for school and his classmates. Nicole took so many photos of Elijah and herself that her phone was always full.”

“Nicole’s laugh was very distinctive and Elijah has the same one that we love to hear. Nicole always worked hard to provide the best life for Elijah and for herself. Elijah made her full of life she loved him so much.”

Nicole had separated from her husband Christopher Otero-Rivera due to the fact that he was abusive towards her.

Facebook; pictured above is Nicole

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