No Nail Salon No Problem: You Can Order These Affordable Nail Kits Right On Amazon And Do Your Nails At Home

You can get the top and base layers here on sale right now for $7.99

You can get the UV LED light on sale right now here for $22.99

MEFA Gel Nail Polish Set 23 Pieces

This next kit comes with 23 amazing colors, and it also has a base coat, a shiny topcoat, and a matte topcoat included.

Again, you do need to buy a UV LED light separately, but the best thing about this kit is that you can just soak this polish right off your nails with acetone.

The worst part about a gel manicure is removing it, so it’s great to have an option for an easy way to do that.

You can get this kit here for $27.99

Aikker 12 Glitter Color Dip Powder Nail Kit

If you prefer dip powder manicures and shiny things, this kit is for you!

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