Orphaned Kitten Couldn’t Use His Back Legs, So Staff At The Arizona Humane Society Got Creative To Get Him Walking Again

They really wanted to give Zion a shot at living a long and normal life, and they knew that making the miniature splints would help do that for the little kitten.

Facebook; pictured above Zion gets his little splints made for him

It took a little over a week of Zion using his uniquely crafted splints before he was able to use his back legs.

Facebook; pictured above is Zion now and he’s a little more grown-up

“Zion is just one of more than 1,300 orphaned kittens who have already been rescued and treated in AHS’ Bottle Baby ICU and Kitten Nursery this year, thanks to the support of the community.”

“As a private non-profit, AHS solely relies on donations to rescue, heal, and adopt nearly 18,000 of the Valley’s sick, injured, and abused pets each year.”

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