She Asked Her Sister To Be A Bridesmaid, But Then Forced Her Out Of The Wedding Party Due To Her Weight

A 25-year-old woman invited her 28-year-old sister Julia to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but then she forced her out of the wedding party due to her weight.

This bride explained that her older sister Julia was always overweight as a child, while she and the rest of their 3 sisters were on the petite side.

She tried to say that nobody in their family ever made fun of Julia about her weight, but their mom did step in and try to put her on a diet multiple times for “health reasons.”

By the time Julia was 18, she developed such a severe eating disorder that she landed in the hospital.

Since then, Julia has spent the past 10 years trying to recover from her eating disorder. She did get treatment, but she has recovered, then relapsed, multiple times.

At the beginning of last year, Julia appeared to be in recovery, and so this bride asked if she would like to be part of her wedding.

“I was hopeful she could keep it together and felt okay about asking her to be a bridesmaid at that point,” the bride said.

When she saw Julia again over the holidays, Julia had put a lot of weight on (the bride estimates 20 pounds).

Normally after Julia gains weight, she relapses, and so the bride pointed out two likely scenarios.

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