She Broke Into A Hot Car To Rescue A Dog And Embarrassed Her Boyfriend In The Process So Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

A woman recently broke into a hot car out in Arizona so she could rescue a dog. She ended up embarrassing her boyfriend in the process, and now she’s asking the internet if she was somehow wrong.

She started out by saying in Arizona right now there’s a heatwave going on, and the temperatures routinely reach basically 100 degrees during the day.

While she was out and about with her boyfriend, she came across a dog sitting inside of a hot car.

Although the windows of the car were open slightly, she knew that wasn’t going to eradicate the overwhelming heat inside.

She just couldn’t help herself; she stopped and stuck her hand into the car and felt how sweltering it was in there.

The car doors were all locked, so she thought quickly, removed the drawstring from the pair of pants she had on, made a knot, and used it to open the car doors.

The car alarm immediately started going off after she was able to unlock the car with the string from her pants.

She grabbed the dog, got the poor thing out of the car, and went back in to see if there were any other dogs inside of the car.

“My boyfriend had walked away,” she said. “I didn’t pay much attention at the time because I was focused on the dog but I know now that he was embarrassed and didn’t want people to think we were together.”

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