She Broke Into A Hot Car To Rescue A Dog And Embarrassed Her Boyfriend In The Process So Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

“I called out to him to go find some water and ice if possible. He started getting annoyed at me for immediately going to breaking into a car.”

“That I should of at least tried to find the owner. I said we can talk after we get some water for the dog, and I carried the dog away from the car. I didn’t think to close the door.”

Then, the owners of the car, and the dog, came out. Her boyfriend explained what happened while she tended to the dog.

After the owners picked up their dog from her, her boyfriend said he was extremely mad at her for putting him in that situation where he had to tell the owners why their care was broken into.

She apologized for embarrassing him, but she pointed out that she didn’t understand why he was feeling like this.

A dog’s life was in danger, and she feels if anyone has a right to be ashamed, it’s the owners of the little dog in the car. On their ride back home together, her boyfriend told her she looked like she was robbing the car.

“He said that was a lot to put on him and I could have done something to look less suspicious but instead at every step I did the most suspicious thing,” she continued.

“Like not even trying to look and see if the owners were nearby or returning, not getting the store to call them on the intercom, just going straight to breaking in.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Several states now have laws making it legal to break a car window if an animal is locked inside on a hot day.”


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