She Called Her Sister A Bridezilla Before Saying Her Wedding Isn’t Worth Going Broke Over And Dropping Out Of The Bridal Party

A woman’s older sister is going to be getting married next spring after getting engaged 5 years ago.

At first, her sister decided a year after getting engaged that she wanted a tiny wedding, but then she changed her mind about that.

Everyone who was part of the bridal party already had purchased their outfits, the wedding invitations had already been sent out, and everything was set to go.

But, her sister had a change of heart and wanted her wedding to be “bigger and better.”

She was supposed to be her sister’s only bridesmaid back when the small wedding was still on…but after she was told the wedding was going to be far more elaborate, expensive, and time-consuming, she explained to her sister she could no longer be a bridesmaid.

Her sister decided to implement a dress code for the new wedding, and all the women in the family needed to wear blue or pink dresses. All the men in the family needed to wear white tuxes.

All the little girls in the family needed to wear pink, while the younger boys were required to wear white with white shoes.

Her sister also said everyone would need to bring another change of shoes because “they had plans that would require a change of footwear.”

Her sister then mentioned she would like her 5-year-old and 1-year-old sons to be part of the wedding, but the outfits they were going to be wearing would cost her $400 per child.

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