She Freaked Out On Her Brother-In-Law For Telling Her To Settle Down While She’s Young And Fresh But Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

A 22-year-old woman was supposed to be spending this whole week with her 25-year-old sister and her 39-year-old husband.

She really does not like her brother-in-law because he’s very snobby and loves to act like other people are less than him.

Although she recognizes his terrible behavior, the rest of her family just looks the other way because he’s quite wealthy.

Her brother-in-law has been rude to her previously, but she always tried to take the high road and stay silent because her family adores him.

“Anyway, I was hanging out by the pool when he came and started talking to me,” she explained. “It was fine until he asked if I’m in a relationship and I said no.”

“Then he said that I should seriously consider marriage and “settle down” while I’m in my “prime”. I was already shocked but he continued to say that women have the most value when they’re young and that I should date older men who can provide for me.”

He also told her to get with an older guy so she could “let him put some babies” in her.

“He literally pointed at my body and said that it will “all go downhill” in 5-6 years so I should find someone of high status while I’m “young and fresh”. So at this point, I was furious.”

She told him to get out of her personal life and reminded him she would never date or marry a man older than her.

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