She Got Into The Back Seat Of A Car Thinking It Was Her Uber, But The Man In The Driver’s Seat Kidnapped Then Killed Her

Columbia, South Carolina. 21-year-old Samantha Josephson was a college student at The University of South Carolina, where she was studying political science.

After graduation, Samantha dreamed of attending Drexel University, and she wanted to continue her education by studying law.

It was March 29th, 2019, when Samantha was hanging out with her friends at a bar called the Bird Dog in the Five Points neighborhood of Columbia.

At approximately 2 in the morning, Samantha was captured on security cameras walking up to a black-colored Chevrolet Impala that was pulling in near the bar.

Samantha got into the back seat, and she was sadly never seen alive ever again after leaving her friends.

Facebook; pictured above is Samantha

Samantha thought that the car she was getting into was the Uber ride that she had ordered, but it turned out that it wasn’t. Not long after Samantha left in the Impala, her real Uber drive pulled up in front of the bar.

When Samantha failed to return home, her roommate called 911 to report her as missing, and authorities began investigating Samantha’s disappearance.

Just a few hours after Samantha was first reported missing, her body was found by turkey hunters lying in a field. An autopsy report later revealed that Samantha’s death “was due to multiple sharp force injuries.”

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