She Keeps The Ashes Of Her Former Boyfriend In A Place Where Her Current Boyfriend Can See Them And Now He’s Complaining To The Internet He Thinks It’s Wrong

A 29-year-old man just moved in with his 28-year-old girlfriend a few weeks ago. They have been dating for 2 years, but he’s never had a major problem with her, up until now.

“My girlfriend’s high school boyfriend got shot and killed when they were 24 (so about two years before she and I got together, and I’m the first person she dated since he passed), and I know that coping with his death has been very difficult for her,” he explained.

She started dating her high school boyfriend when she was a freshman, and she was with him for around 9 or 10 years.

Her current boyfriend acknowledged the fact that if her former boyfriend was still alive, she probably would be with him to this day.

Circling back to the living situation, this guy thought everything was going well considering he and his girlfriend haven’t been living with one another for a long time.

He is really upset though that she’s keeping the ashes of her former boyfriend, and he’s not happy it’s in a place where he can visibly see them.

When he first moved in with her, she had her former boyfriend’s ashes inside of an urn in her living room. It sat there along with a candle and a photo depicting him.

“I just find it creepy. I don’t want his ashes in my house,” this guy admitted. “I don’t want a shrine for some other guy that makes me feel insecure whenever I walk by it.”

He actually told his girlfriend he was upset about it, so she moved the ashes to the kitchen, and put them on a tiny shelf between the fridge and pantry.

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