She Left In The Middle Of Her Brother’s Wedding Because Her Ex Proposed To Her Stepsister

A 28-year-old woman recently attended her 32-year-old brother’s wedding, but things did not go well for her at all there.

She used to date a guy named Chris, but after things ended up not quite working out with them, they broke up at his request.

It’s been more than 2 years now since they have been together, and in that time she felt like she was able to explore her life more.

At some point during those 2 years, her 25-year-old stepsister started dating Chris. She was shocked but didn’t have any ill will towards their relationship.

“I just kept my distance from my stepsister who started acting mean towards me making comments like asking Chris if he had ever seen more beautiful girls than her or more intelligent,” she explained.

She tried her very best to ignore the rude things her stepsister said, but last week at her brother’s wedding, she just couldn’t play along and ignore things anymore.

On the day of her brother’s wedding, she ended up being late over problems with her transportation.

When she arrived, she went over to sit next to her family, and her stepsister’s outfit caught her eye. She was literally dressed like a bride, which she found odd given that it was not her wedding.

As dinner was underway, Chris leaps up from his seat at the table and gets down on one knee in front of her stepsister to propose.

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