She Offered To Lend Another Bride Her Wedding Dress But After Learning Her Dress Was Going To Be Altered She Backed Out

A 22-year-old woman got married last February and her dress was custom-made for her by a Russian designer.

The dress cost her $800, and it was the dress of her dreams. Everyone at her wedding loved how the dress looked on her, and after her wedding day was over, she saved her dress.

She even put it inside a box in order to preserve it, and she is planning on being able to show it to her children when she has them.

Recently, she learned that her mom’s friend’s daughter was going to get married, but she was forced to move her wedding to winter instead of summer.

Since she had already purchased a wedding dress that was very summery and sheer, it no longer would work for the winter wedding.

Her mom asked her if she would give her friend’s daughter her dress to wear for her wedding, since the dress had long sleeves and was obviously perfect for winter.

“My mom told me about it and I said ok, because me and the bride were (at the time) the same size,” she said.

“We’re around the same height (I’m 5’10, she’s 5’8) and were the same general weight.”

Well, her mom then called her up and asked if she would be alright with this bride-to-be making alterations to her wedding dress.

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